Artisan Gelato

Apple Pie GelatoPeach GelatoApple Pie GelatoPeach GelatoApple Pie Gelato

Gelato is actually better for you than Ice Cream. Ice Cream is required to have 10 to 16 percent butterfat in order to be considered ice cream whereas Gelato contains between 6 and 8 percent butterfat, so its fat content is a lot lower. In Italy, Italians eat Gelato year round. The Gelato shops never close and it’s great because you never know when those cravings are going to hit you. So don’t let a little cool weather stop you from enjoying one of the best tasting culinary treats there is!

Apple Pie  Oatmeal Cookie
Bourbon Buter Pecan  Cookes and Cream
Caramel Cognac  Peach
Chocolate Amaretto  Rum Raisin
Chocolate Hazelnut  Strawberry
Chocolate  Vanilla

This is a service our clients can select in addition to the personal chef service. For a one-time fee of $15 you get a reusable Gelato Freezer Tub that neatly stores 1.5 quarts of homemade gelato in your freezer. The non-slip base steadies the container while you effortlessly scoop along the slender tub. $13 per 1.5 quarts of gelato.

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