How It Works

Our personal chef service is designed with you in mind. Everything we do is aimed at providing you with the best possible culinary experience.

Getting to know you

The whole service starts with the initial interview where we discuss the food: what you love to eat, what you dislike to eat, special diet requirements, etc. This is where we get to know you and your personal preferences.

The chef will answer any questions you have and provide details about the service and the menu.

During the initial consultation, if you are ready, we will agree on the service plan, set up the date for your first service, and decide/purchase the storage containers for the service.

Cooking and Delivery

On the agreed upon date and time the chef will show up at your home to prepare/deliver your first set of meals. He will have just returned from the grocery store, picking up all the ingredients needed to prepare your food.

If you are at home when we cook /deliver, the chef will ask for your feedback on the previous week's menu and service so we can constantly refine and improve your service.

Once the chef is done cooking, he will put all your meals away in the fridge, complete with labels, heat to eat instructions, and a menu posted on your fridge.


When you are ready for some great meals, they are ready and waiting for you in your own refrigerator. Simply heat and eat.

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