Gourmet Sodas

Blackberry LimeCherry LimeadeCinnamon PeachGrape SodaLemon LimeMango ChileNatural ColaOrange SodaBlackberry LimeCherry LimeadeCinnamon PeachGrape Soda

There’s nothing better than an ice cold drink with family and friends. Our gourmet sodas have health and flavor benefits that you will not find in commercial sodas. Mass produced sodas are full of chemical extracts. Our gourmet sodas are made with real fruit, spices, and sweetened with honey, not artificial flavors. Using fruit and honey means you get added antioxidants and vitamins in your sodas. Try a Gourmet Soda today!

Blackberry Lime  Grape Soda
Cherry Limeade  Lemon Lime
Cinnamon Peach  Mango Chile
Citrus Rosemary  Natural Cola
Cream Soda  Orange Soda
Ginger Ale  Pineapple Basil

This is a service our clients can select in addition to the personal chef service. For a one-time fee of $20 you get two 1liter reusable bottles with special hermetic sealed caps ensuring that your soda stays fresh and fizzy. Each bottle lasts up to 2 years and replaces 2,500 bottles and cans from store-bought drinks that would otherwise be thrown in a landfill. BPA-free. $5 per liter of Soda.

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